The Severn Project

In August 2011 I got a lovely email from a lady called Becky White who worked at the newly established Severn Project in Bristol. The email  started like this:


"Dear Jimmy,
James Boyle from Crisis 3xE recommended you as a fellow member of the
network to redesign our website. We work with ex-offenders and
ex-substance misusers, giving them a practical route to employment, with
the aim of independence from substances and state welfare......"



We did a WordPress website for them( not their current website). I remember it being really easy to make the website look beautiful because they had so many good photos from over the summer featuring things like their new polytunnel and lots of freshly harvested herbs and vegetables.

Since then The Severn Project seem to have hit the big time and are getting lots of publicity in the national media. Its really nice to see good projects do well.

 Steve Glover still asks me to do the odd bit of maintainance on their website and which means I get to find out their latest news. 

One of my favourite quotes from Steve Glover is from a radio interview he gave recently. He said

"You can always tell a pioneer by the arrows coming out of his back"

Heres a nice video that was featured in The Guardian

The Severn Project from Mark Whatmore, Yoho Media on Vimeo.

  • Fri, 03 Oct, 2014