Google Offices

I went to a conference last month about web hosting at Google's Town Hall in Holborn.

It was organised by Heart Internet.

They have 'smart lifts' which means everybody presses what floor they want to go to on a number pad before you get in the lift. The number pad then directs you to a specific lift number with a load of other people who have opted for the same floor or the one below. This is so the lifts don't have to stop as often on the way up or down.

I wonder if this means that if you work on the top floor you will never meet workers from the lower floors in the lifts and vice versa?

There was a lot of very thick carpets. One of the rooms had green carpet and the woolen fibres were long enough to look like grass. Is that an old pilots chair in there aswell?

There was a nice view of London from their roof gardens.




If you look through the blinds you can see the desks where 'Googlers' work. There was hardly anyone there on this day.


  • Fri, 03 Oct, 2014